Opening hours


Monday until Friday
09:00 o'clock - 17:00 o'clock

10:00 o'clock - 16:30 o'clock

12:00 o'clock - 16:00 o'clock

We kindly ask you to plan your coming and going during the opening times of the reception. If you will arrive later (before 20:00 o’clock) we ask you to call this phone number 055-3781777.
After opening hours this phone number is reachable for emergencies.


Wi-Fi is available on the park, you can buy a code with password at the reception.

The following options are possible;

Per day All year round € 1,50
7 days wanted,
5 paying for
All year round                          € 7,50
Preseason March 23th - July 6th € 40,00
Postseason August 31th - November 3th € 40,00
A whole season  until April 30th 2024 € 75,00     

For 1 device, 1 code with password is needed.
If you have multiple devices and wish to for see wi-fi on all of them, you will have to buy multiple codes.

What is recreational use?

Visiting website's, using What’s app, reading your e-mail's or sending through email no outlook, internet banking, the latest news, looking at the weather and social media is all possible!
Downloading of files, streaming of movies or series (for example Netflix), watching live television and professional use is not possible.
The WI-FI Network is based on recreational use.

TV channels

We only offer digital television. When searching for the channels, hereunder to look at and hier to download, you will have to choose in settings for an antenna connection instead of cable connection.

Do you have a tv without digital signal than you can come to the reception for a loose digital receiver which converts the signal to HDMI and scart.

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Rent a bike

At the reception we rent for Rooth66 Hoenderloo, ladies and men’s bikes foresee of 7 gears for only €10,- a day, of course also for a week or a midweek.

After order, at the reception, there is the possibility to rent an electric bike or a mountain bike.
We ask you to indicate this at the reception, so that this can be inquired about by Rooth66 if they have the possibility to deliver.

Bekijk hier de prijslijst en soorten fietsen en accessoires

Krimweg 22
7351 AX Hoenderloo
055 - 378 1303

Recron conditions

If you make a reservation or stay at Recreation park ‘t Veluws Hof than you agree with the RECRON-conditions underneath:

Do you have a reservation for a camping pitch? Look here at the RECRON-conditions for touristic stay (first and second picture).
Do you have a reservation for an accommodation? Look here at the RECRON-conditions for holiday accommodation (third and forth picture).

As supplement you will find hier de extra VH voorwaarden of the park, these will get adapted to the current situation as required.

Do you have questions about our conditions? Please contact us.