Make a reservation

Through our reservation system you can book directly online, but also by phone. We can be reached by e-mail or by telephone on 055-378 17 77. After checking the reservation, we will send the confirmation. Various attachments have been added to the confirmation of your reservation.

If you wish to place an option, please contact us by phone.
We can place the option for you for a maximum of 7 days.


amounts to 50% of the total amount. This amount must be credited to our bank account within 3 weeks after booking. If this payment is not received on time, we will send you a reminder. If the reservation takes place within 3 weeks before the start of the rental period, the full amount must be paid upon arrival/check-in.

Remaining amount

The remaining amount of the invoice can be paid to us on arrival, during check-in, in cash or by pin.

Arrival and departure of camping pitches

All camping pitches are accessible on the day of arrival from 12:00 noon.
We ask you to pay a deposit of € 35.00 for the barrier pass.

1 car is allowed per pitch, you must park it in the designated parking lot. If you have come with several cars, you can park them in one of the parking spaces outside the barrier. Of course, you are allowed to load and/or unload.

Departure must be done before 11:00 in the morning.

Arrival and departure chalets

All chalets are accessible, unless otherwise indicated, on the day of arrival from 15:00. We ask you for a deposit for the barrier pass of € 35.00. 1 car is allowed per accommodation. If you have come with several cars, you can park them in one of the parking spaces outside the barrier. Of course, you are allowed to load and/or unload. Departure must be before 10:00 in the morning.

You leave the rental property swept clean. The refrigerator should also be left clean and turned on. You can put used linen in a pillowcase and leave it in the rental object by the door. Garbage can be deposited in the compactor behind the White House on the Blauwgraslaan or between the chalets Krekel and Valk on the Wildzwijnlaan. At check-out, at the reception, you will receive the deposit of the barrier pass back.


To use the sanitary buildings, you can use the barrier pass you have received. This can be used for 1 person at a time and allows for 100 minutes (1000 shower points) of shower time. If you would like to purchase extra shower passes, this is possible for a deposit of € 15.00, which you will of course receive back upon departure. If your card is empty, you can have it topped up at the reception. In sanitary building "Het Plashuis" there is a disabled shower/toilet present. It is possible to receive a key at the reception. Everyone likes a clean and tidy sanitary building. You can contribute to this by not letting your children play here and children up to the age of 6 can only use this under the supervision of their parents.


During your stay, a maximum of 2 dogs are allowed per pitch. For your dog you pay a rate of € 2.00 per dog, per night.
This will be € 15.00 for the packages and € 30.00 for the seasonal pitches.

At the park we ask you to keep your dog on a leash and only to walk it outside the recreation park.
In case of an accident, we kindly ask you to clean it up. There are special bins with bags for this, which we ask you to use.

The following rules for fencing apply on the camping site;
• At the front, stay at least 1.5 meters from the road
• On the sides, remain at least 0.5 meters from the boundary fence
• No (large) posts with fixed mesh may be used, only thin posts with fencing net


If your holiday plans change after your reservation if you have taken out cancellation insurance through Recreatiepark 't Veluws Hof, the terms and conditions of Recreatieverzekeringen will apply to your reservation.

Look at the conditions

Unused nights

Any interrupted or shortened stay (late arrival, early departure) caused by your own fault cannot give rise to a refund. We advise you to take out a good travel and cancellation insurance.
Of course we are willing to send confirmations of the reservation, payments and cancellation.

Reservation-, payment conditions

Our reservation payment terms and conditions apply at all times without prejudice and without any refund; By making a reservation, you fully agree to this.

Also view the RECRON Terms and Conditions (at the bottom of the page)